Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs do you not do?

Umbrella is not a home health service. We do not do any medical tasks or personal care. Our Handy Neighbors also do not work on roofs, perform outside work on second stories or higher, or do any other tasks that might be dangerous for them. 

We also do not do large or dangerous jobs that are a better fit for a licensed professional. 


How do you screen Umbrella Neighbors?

Every Umbrella Neighbor has gone through an interview, background check, and multiple reference checks. We also continuously survey our members about their experience with our Neighbors to make ensure customer satisfaction. You can read more about Trust & Safety at Umbrella here.


Who are the Umbrella Neighbors?

People who work on Umbrella are called “Umbrella Neighbors.” Many Umbrella Neighbors are recent retirees who want to remain active and get to know their neighbors. They can choose to earn some extra money on Umbrella or to volunteer their time. Either way, they’re helping out seniors in their communities.


What kind of work quality can I expect from Umbrella Neighbors?

Our Umbrella Neighbors are not licensed professionals (although they may have been a previous life). They're not professional contractors. But they've done the job you've requested before, and they know how do it well. Think of it like your skilled neighbor.


Can I be both a Member and a Neighbor?

Yes - we even encourage it! Many people have some skills to contribute and other jobs they need someone else to do. You can learn more about becoming a member here and apply to be an Umbrella Neighbor here.


What is the Umbrella Guarantee?

We want you to love using Umbrella – otherwise we wouldn't be doing this. To learn more about the Umbrella Guarantee, visit this page.


How does the hourly fee work? When do you start charging?

The clock starts when the doorbell rings, and there is a one hour minimum for most jobs (the Umbrella Neighbor took the time to get there, after all). For house cleaning, there is a two hour minimum. After that, we charge in 15 minute increments. All tasks are a flat affordable rate, unless otherwise stated at time of booking.