Easy, trusted help for homeowners 65+


Tell Umbrella what you need done and get a vetted, skilled person from your community to help on your schedule for a flat, affordable hourly rate. From handy tasks to leaf raking to home organizing - we’ve got you covered.


How Umbrella works

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1. Become a Member

Join Umbrella and gain access to a network of triple-vetted Umbrella Neighbors.

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2. Make a Request 

Call, text or email Umbrella when you have a task that needs to get done.

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3. Get Matched

Umbrella sends the right triple-vetted Umbrella Neighbor for a flat, affordable rate.


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Ways to use Umbrella...

  • Handy tasks and home maintenance: Like fixing a leaky faucet, changing a light fixture, simple carpentry, and small home repairs

  • Seasonal tasks: Like gardening, leaf raking, air conditioner installation & removal, and changing storm windows

  • Help around the house: Like home organization, garage and basement cleanup, and running errands

  • Housekeeping: Including dusting, surface cleaning, sweeping, laundry, and taking out the garbage

  • Tech tutoring: Including help with your iPad, iPhone, computer, photos and more

  • Professional referrals: For larger jobs we don’t do - like rewiring a house- we will find vetted plumbers and electricians on your behalf

    See more tasks we do here. Looking for something specific? Just ask us!


Meet the Umbrella Neighbors

The Umbrella Neighbors are the people who do the small to mid-sized tasks. Some are recent retirees— former teachers, firefighters, business executives and artists. Others are community members who find that Umbrella fits into their lives as a way to earn extra income and give back. They are the real stars of the show— Meet a few Umbrella Neighbors here.

Umbrella accepts less than 10% of Umbrella Neighbor applicants
✓ All Umbrella Neighbors undergo a national background check
✓ All Umbrella Neighbors provide three references who can speak to their technical ability
✓ All Umbrella Neighbors are interviewed by a member of Umbrella HQ

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I really like doing this. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people — essentially my neighbors, people in my community. I like the idea of helping people that otherwise might not be able to do things on their own.
— Brad C., Umbrella Neighbor

The Umbrella Guarantee

We're here because we want to do good work. If we didn't care, we wouldn't be in this business – period. 

That's true of us at Umbrella HQ, and it's true of the Umbrella Neighbors who choose to work with us.

But, sometimes things do go wrong, and when they do we work to make things right. All of our jobs are backed by our Happiness Guarantee which includes $10,000 liability insurance for each home visit. Learn more about our Guarantee and our Community Policy.

Our Members love us

4.87 out of 5 stars from over 1,546 jobs


"Alexander was extremely polite and very very knowledgeable.  He was easy going and hard working. I could NEVER have imagined this whole process from beginning to end would go so smoothly and Alexander is a true credit to Umbrella!!!" - Lorraine P., Member, Malverne


"I absolutely love Umbrella and it has made a big difference in my living environment.  I have Parkinson's so getting on a ladder is tricky for me. I had track lights that needed new bulbs, paint peeling from the ceiling and a desk that needed repairs. Umbrella sent a wonderful person to help me paint." - Karen V., Member, Valley Stream


"This service is a blessing for all us seniors. I'm so glad I found them. The work staff are amazing. It’s so nice to have these fantastic neighbors. It's nice to get these minor chores taken off my to do list. Thanks Umbrella for helping us seniors 65+." - Barbara T., Member, Hempstead