Umbrella is the most affordable way to care for your home

From installing the air conditioner to mowing the lawn, Umbrella has you covered.  Umbrella uses a membership model to give you peace of mind at the best rate possible.

An annual membership normally costs $199 - but join before November 14th and get $30 off - Just $169/year! You can also pay in quarterly installments.

Membership includes:

  • Triple-vetted help with hundreds of handy tasks for just $16/hour

  • On demand task booking by phone, text message, or email

  • Peace of mind throughout the year

  • An average member saves hundreds of dollars instead of relying on expensive and unreliable Pros


“She was on time, worked steadily, did what I asked rather than suggesting alternatives, completed what I thought would be 60-90 minutes in 35 min. Courteous, respectful - altogether, the best.” - Karen P., Malverne


“Zack was a perfect helper in every way.  I would have given him a 6 out of 5 if the choice were there.  He got it done, well, on time, and courteously. Thanks!” - Karen V., Uniondale


"Pete was a very nice guy. He came early and he's coming back next week too. God bless you, I don't know how we'd manage otherwise. Best service ever." - Joe H., Lynbrook


Frequently Asked Questions


What do Umbrella Neighbors do? Our skilled Umbrella Neighbors take care of the small things in and around the home – switching out light fixtures, moving boxes, painting fences, installing air conditioners, raking leaves, and more. We can do most plumbing and electric jobs but when a third-party specialist is required, we'll help you find a qualified, vetted person at a fair price.

How do you screen Umbrella Neighbors? Every Umbrella Neighbor has gone through an interview, background check, and multiple reference checks. We also ask for a review after every task completed through Umbrella. You can read more about Trust & Safety at Umbrella here.

What is the Umbrella Guarantee? We want you to love using Umbrella. To learn more about the Umbrella Guarantee, visit this page.

Can I buy on behalf of someone else? Yes. To learn more, visit this page.

What kind of work quality can I expect from Umbrella Neighbors? Our Umbrella Neighbors are not licensed specialists (although they may have been in a previous life). They're not professional contractors. But they've done the job you've requested before, and they know how to do it well. Think of it like your skilled neighbor.

How does the hourly fee work? When do you start charging? The clock starts when the doorbell rings, and there is a one hour minimum for most jobs (the Umbrella Neighbor took the time to get there, after all). For house cleaning, there is a two hour minimum. After that, we charge in 15 minute increments. All tasks are a flat $16/hr, unless otherwise stated at time of booking.

Still have questions? Call us (516) 882-4498