Meet Keith, an Umbrella Neighbor!


We are launching a new series to shine a spotlight on some of our Neighbors, the real stars of the show here at Umbrella.

With that, we'd like to introduce you to Keith Keogh. Keith has been an Umbrella Neighbor for almost a year now and has over 67 five-star ratings! He's helped our members with all kinds of jobs - from yard work to carpentry to handy help, Keith has seen it all.

We spoke to Keith about how he got involved with Umbrella and what he enjoys most about the job. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I used to work at an alarm company dispatching alarms. I did that for 17 years but I didn’t like sitting at a desk, so eventually I left. I flip-flopped for a year and half, and realized that I do very well with my hands and enjoy doing things with my hands, so I decided to get into maintenance. 

I have a full time job now as a maintenance worker and I do Umbrella on the side. 

How’d you come to be an Umbrella Neighbor and why do you do it?

I enjoy it very much, which is more the benefit to doing this job than getting money. I’m not going to strain myself to profit from something so meaningful. Some people you meet are really not in tune with stuff like this, and I enjoy helping them and seeing the final product. It’s fun making the client happy. 

I like working on Umbrella because it’s different - different types of projects - and it’s a little challenging. Getting the materials and figuring out whether I can do it alone is a fun challenge.

When the weather gets nice, I do the outdoor yard work because I really enjoy being outside. Being behind a desk was never my thing, and I get a good workout in from the work.

Now with the colder weather, I do interior stuff like patching walls, switching a door from swinging in to swinging out, or changing someone’s blinds. Its minor stuff that people just can’t do because they don’t have the tools, and I have plenty of tools. 

What’s your favorite Umbrella memory/experience? 

I’m not picking for favorites, but they all seem to be pretty nice and very appreciative. And I can understand it because sometimes there are little things that need to be done (like changing a switch for an outlet) and you’re calling an electrician that’s gonna charge you $200 or $300 just to do that. And I can do that so easily.