Umbrella matches community members and handymen with seniors who need help with home maintenance, groceries, cleaning, tech tutoring, and more. Members can request Umbrella Neighbors on-demand for everything they need.


Umbrella lets seniors live independently

Seniors wonder how their new home will support them through all the small things. We take care of that. 


All the small things

Furniture assembly, food prep, laundry, tech support and more. It'll all be covered

Technology enabled        

We use custom software and infrastructure to run Umbrella with incredible efficiency and user-friendliness 

Community Building

Umbrella Neighbors are people in the community who use their skills to keep active and help others

Seniors love us

Comfort and peace-of-mind are key to building tight communities with happy tenants


"I found that having access to Umbrella saved tenants from a lot of uncertainty when choosing where to live." — Jennifer, Developer


Umbrella covers all of the services seniors need, with none of the costly contracting or infrastructure. Seniors love working with community members. Using Umbrella is a win-win all around.

Umbrella Neighbors get an average rating of 4.86 stars


"My building doesn't have a grocery store I'm able to walk to, so Umbrella brings groceries to me every week" - Dolores  



"John comes and helps me make food and do my laundry. I love talking with him while chores get done" - Janice


"My Umbrella Neighbor cleans weekly and keeps things so organized" - Michael