Become an Umbrella Partner & Get Free, Vetted Referrals   


If you are a licensed and insured professional in Nassau County you are eligible to join the Umbrella Partner Program. 

Umbrella is a membership service that helps people 65+ in Nassau County take care of their homes. We are looking for licensed and insured Professional Partners to recommend to our Members for larger jobs we do not do. 

Interested in become a Professional Partner? Complete the form below. Once approved, Umbrella will begin sending qualified referrals your way. 

Umbrella Professional Partner Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of jobs will Umbrella send me? Umbrella helps with small and mid-sized jobs - things that a handy homeowner would be able to do. These jobs are completed by vetted community members (we call them "Neighbors"). We send larger jobs to licensed and insured professionals, which is where you come in!

How much do referrals cost? All referrals are free. In the future, Umbrella will likely charge a modest fee for jobs that you complete.  In all cases, we require that Partners are responsive to referrals we send you (even if you can't complete them) and offer your best-available rates. 

How will I hear about referrals? We'll email or call you directly with details about the job and the location. In the near future you'll be able to see Professional Requests via a mobile app. 

What makes Partners successful with Umbrella? Successful Partners are responsive to requests - even if you can't complete the job. We also collect reviews from both Members and Partners after each job. This helps us make sure we are only referring top Professionals and that Professionals are having a great experience as well. 


What our Umbrella Members are saying about us...

I’m so relieved I found Umbrella… What would I have done otherwise? It is fabulous!”
— Donna H.

“I cannot recommend this service more highly. Five out of five stars! 
I used them four times in one month and plan to use them in the spring to open up my garden, do some closet organizing, and teach me how to use eBay to sell unneeded items.”
— Karen P.
Five stars! The Umbrella Neighbor was on time, very friendly, professional, extremely helpful, a pleasure to invite them in our home! Umbrella has helped us tremendously! We look forward to using Umbrella again very soon!”
— Rosemary R.

”The Neighbor was punctual, knew his stuff, solved several problems and taught me how to do many things I hadn’t known. Highly recommend!”
— Sharon M.

Umbrella has been used by thousands of people and has been featured in outlets including:

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