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    Umbrella is a trusted, affordable way for people 65+ to get things done in and around their home. From yard work to home maintenance, Umbrella is a single place you can turn for help. 

    Umbrella is also an opportunity for recent retirees and others with time who want to give back or earn a bit of extra income.

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    Join our Umbrella Entrepreneur program. If you get 100 people to sign up for the waitlist in your town, we'll work with you to design a custom program for your community.

    What our members are saying about us...

    I’m so relieved I found Umbrella… What would I have done otherwise? It is fabulous!”
    — Donna H.

    “I cannot recommend this service more highly. Five out of five stars! 
    I used them four times in one month and plan to use them in the spring to open up my garden, do some closet organizing, and teach me how to use eBay to sell unneeded items.”
    — Karen P.
    Five stars! The Umbrella Neighbor was on time, very friendly, professional, extremely helpful, a pleasure to invite them in our home! Umbrella has helped us tremendously! We look forward to using Umbrella again very soon!”
    — Rosemary R.

    ”The Neighbor was punctual, knew his stuff, solved several problems and taught me how to do many things I hadn’t known. Highly recommend!”
    — Sharon M.

    Umbrella has been used by thousands of people and has been featured in outlets including:

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